Unplanned outages at Norwegian natural gas fields

Norwegian gas operator Gassco said in a revised update Monday afternoon that there were only two unplanned outages at Norwegian gas fields during the day, with Gina Krog and Sleipner suffering reduced within-day flows due to compressor issues
  • Third outage ‘canceled’; impact reflected in earlier Sleipner figures
  • Gina Krog has within-day impact of 5 million cu m for 12-28 hours
  • Sleipner within-day reduction of 5.1 million cu m for 12-28 hours
Earlier Gassco had said there were three unplanned outages, initially all unnamed. It later named Gina Krog and Sleipner as two of the three fields affected, but maintained that there was still an unplanned outage at a third still unnamed field.
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In a 1506 GMT update, Gassco said the third outage was also reflected in the Sleipner field outage and so it was “canceled.”
The impact on Sleipner remains a reduction of 5.1 million cu m/d for a duration of 12-28 hours, as previously reported, while Gina Krog is still expected to see a reduction on within-day flows of 5.0 million cu m/d for a total of 12-28 hours.
Total Norwegian exports to the European mainland and the UK were at a rate of 310 million cu m/d, in line with the daily average of 311 million cu m/d, according to S&P Global Platts Analytics.
Flows fell from a peak rate of 318 million cu m/d at 0602 GMT Sunday to a low of 307 million cu m/d at 1137 GMT Sunday before rising again ahead of Monday.
Changes in the EU’s REMIT regulations on transparency in European energy markets from April 4 mean Gassco will report any incident with an impact of more than 5 million cu m/d, down from 20 million cu m/d previously, to enhance reporting of the Norwegian gas transport system.