Stena Drilling to cut crew

Stena Drilling has confirmed a consultation period is currently in process as they look to cut their workforce, as three drill ships remain idle in Las Palmas.
The Stena Forth, Stena Drillmax, and Stena Icemax drill ships are currently positioned in Las Palmas
Stena Drilling have reportedly said that proposals would be put forward to reduce the crew in such a way that that the three named drillships will share two warm stack crews and one standby crew, whilst they remain stationed in Las Palmas, together with a standby leadership team to facilitate reactivation when required.
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According to the report, Stena said:”…We regret that we have had to make these tough decisions as we truly value the efforts that you and the rest of our colleagues on all the vessels have made in making Stena Drilling a great company. We all hope that when the market rebounds there will be opportunity again to continue the good work of the past.”
Oil and Gas Vision have contacted Stena Drilling for their comments.
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