Odfjell Drilling, Aker BP sign for semi-submersible rig

Odfjell Drilling signed a contract with Aker BP ASA for Deepsea Stavanger, for a period of approximately 9 months with commencement in February 2018 and completion around October 2018.
Deepsea Stavanger belongs in 6th generation of semi-submersible platforms.
The contract is for exploration and development drilling at various locations in the Norwegian Sea and the Barents Sea and its value is estimated up to USD 68 million.
The agreement will follow from the estimated completion of the Wintershall Maria contract and continue until the Deepsea Stavanger is due to mobilise to South Africa to complete one well for Total.
Simen Lieungh, Odfjell Drilling CEO, said: “The contract with Aker BP is an important opportunity for Odfjell Drilling to demonstrate its continued exceptional track record and develop a relationship with potentially one of Norway’s largest oil companies. Aker BP’s focus on digitalisation is very exciting and appealing for our company’s operational philosophy and appetite to work with operators in developing tomorrow’s technology.”

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